Are You Losing Control of Your Car or Truck?

Find suspension repair services in Longview, TX

If you have difficulty steering your vehicle, you probably need suspension repair services. Hanks Frame & Wheel offers vehicle suspension service in Longview, Texas. Bring in your vehicle for suspension replacements, alterations, repairs and maintenance. We also offer spring repair services on trucks. Suspension problems can not only cause damage to your car, but increase your likelihood of having an accident.

Don't wait to bring in your car for a suspension service. Call 903-753-4611 now to make an appointment with Hanks Frame & Wheel in Longview, Texas.

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Get the best prices on suspension services

Suspension problems don't just pose a danger for cars and trucks. Motor homes, off-road vehicles and RVs also require suspension maintenance. Hanks Frame & Wheel in Longview, Texas provides preventive maintenance assessments for all vehicle types to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. We keep a supply of shock absorbers, coil springs and struts on hand for suspension repair work so we can offer same-day service.

Prevent accidents with regular suspension maintenance services from Hanks Frame & Wheel in Longview, Texas.